Pressure Reducing Sets -
Simplex and Duplex

The simplex variants as well as the duplex variants come complete with pressure safety valves and pressure gauges indicating the delivered pressure

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Easy to read pressure gauges

The Pressure Reducing Sets come with easy to read pressure gauges indicating the delivered pressure

Medical compliance

Our Pressure Reducing Sets are compliant with UK DoH Health Technical Memorandum No. 02-01 or 2022 and BS EN ISO 7396-1

Easy to install

Both simplex and duplex variants are supplied with copper stub pipes for ease of installing using inert gas jointing procedures

Providing reliable pressure regulation

The Pressure Reducing Sets - simplex and duplex variants - provide reliable pressure regulation of medical gases between the supply source and the distribution system. Sets are designed to regulate line pressure from 10 to 7 bar surgical air or 7 to 4 bar medical air based on three pipe sizes, sized for different flow rate capacities: 15 mm, 22 mm and 28 mm.