Medical Vacuum Plant

Our Medical Vacuum Plant is intended to provide a continuous supply of medical vacuum to a medical gas pipeline system in healthcare facilities

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Modular concept

Our plants can be configured as a packaged or modular system, with two to six medical vacuum pumps

High efficiency pumps

Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps offer high flow performance. Composite vanes provide long life-time and low noise level.

Easy to install

Supplied pre-piped, with all required cables and instructions to do fast and simple on-site assembly

Monitoring and control

Supplied with the Purelogic™ Central Controller that sequences and controls the vacuum pumps. Real-time status can be viewed on any computer connected to the hospital’s LAN network as standard.

Bacterial filters

The filter assemblies are duplexed to allow the plant to remain in service during filter element replacement. In addition, bacterial filter assemblies with a 99.9999% efficiency are included

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