Medical Oxygen Plant

Produce medical-grade oxygen on-site using PSA technology

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Save money

With an on-site oxygen generator, the cost of buying liquid oxygen or handling cylinders can be omitted

Independent oxygen supply

Our oxygen generator systems are designed for continuous operation. Local oxygen generation avoids dependence on third parties for oxygen supply

Continuous monitoring

The oxygen generator is supplied with EN62304 compliant software. Oxygen purity is continuously monitored and an alarm is raised in case of low purity

Oxygen generation and supply systems

Complete oxygen generation systems with oil-injected compressors, pre-filtration, air vessel, PSA oxygen generator and buffer vessel. All sized to provide an uninterrupted source of oxygen.


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Oxygen cylinder filling

An optional oil-free booster and filling ramp can be fitted to the Oxygen Plant to fill cylinders up to 200 bar. These cylinders can be distributed in the hospital or can be fitted to a manifold system as back-up in case of power failure.

Containerised oxygen solution

Our Oxygen Plants can also be offered in a container for easy installation and maneuvring on site. The booster can be fitted inside as well.

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