Medical Air Plant

Our medical air plant provides you ultra-clean medical air, that is required for medical and surgical applications

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State-of-the-art control

Our Purelogic™ Central Controller provides optimal control and monitoring of your machines, increased reliability and reduced energy consumption

Flexible system layout

We offer our Medical Air System as a modular configuration for easy on-site installation and maintenance

Easy to install

Interconnecting pipework between components are made on-site and provided by the installer. Controller CAN cables are provided as a 10m assembly with each compressor that can be shortened if required

Medical air solutions fully adaptable to your needs

Our Medical Air Plant provides a reliable, centralised medical air supply. Systems are available from simplex up to hexaplex configurations. They are supplied as a fully modular assembly ensuring ease of on-site installation.

The systems consist of carefully designed medical compressors with after coolers, air receiver(s), duplex filtration dryer and pressure regulation assembly, all necessary control cabinets, circuitry and interconnecting cabling.

The Purelogic™ Central Controller protects the system and offers the possibility to repeat alarms through a set of voltage free contacts. It can connect to a hospital facility’s Building Management System (BMS).


Compressor technologies

The Purelogic™ Central Controller is designed specifically to support different compressor technologies for your medical air plant, such as:

  • Load/unload compressor 
  • Piston compressor 
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor

The ability to work with these different technologies makes it easier to compile a medical air plant that most closely matches your specific needs. For each compressor technology, there is a full range of preconfigured medical air plants to make your life easy - call our sales team to find out which one is the best solution for your hospital’s need.

Oil-free solutions

  • Oil-free medical scroll compressor - SF MED
  • Oil-free medical tooth compressor - ZT MED

Oil-injected solutions

  • Oil-injected rotary screw compressor - GA MED
  • Oil-injected rotary screw compressor - GA VSD+ MED

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