AGSS - Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems

Designed to safely remove exhaled anaesthetic agents from an operating department to prevent contamination

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Energy efficiency

Most economically efficient way to exhaust anaesthetic gas from your operating department. No needs to invest in oversized air plant in order to drive venture systems

Factory tested and certified

Fully tested and compliant with the United Kingdom Department of Health (DoH) publication HTM 02-01, BS EN ISO 7396-1 and NHS Model Engineering Specification C11

Easy to install

Supplied pre-piped, with all required cables and instructions to do fast and simple on-site assembly

To safeguard medical staff and patients

The Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS) is an active system which removes anaesthetic gas mixtures from operating rooms and any other areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units.

At the core of every AGS system is a side channel blower chosen because it generates a higher flow per unit energy consumed than alternatives. This higher energy efficiency guarantees you will benefit from lower utility bills for years to come.


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