Manifold Control System - PureGAS

Our manifold provides continuous and uninterrupted gas flow to your facility from high pressure cylinders

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Outstanding performance

Our manifold can supply up to 1,750 l/min at 4 bar. Our pressure drop remains within the limits of EN ISO 10524-1 and does not exceed 10% ensuring gas supply even in peak demand

Controlled costs

Control your costs by: saving expensive gas with every cylinders changeover, giving better control on consumption and reducing installation and service costs

User-friendly interface

Digital pressure indication in both headers and line gives you full control. With reserve bank status there are no doubts about remaining gas volume

Next generation of manifolds

Our manifolds provide a duty or standby gas supply from two cylinder banks with automatic changeover, local status and remote indicator facility. These manifolds are suitable to supply medical gases for respiratory, clinical and surgical use in healthcare facilities.


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