Ball Valves

Line Ball Valve assemblies for assured service

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Safe and secure

High quality two piece ball valve, with 90° operation and lockable handle. All valves are oxygen compatible – no risks for mixing on stock


Our line ball valve assembly is manufactured according to a quality management system compliant to ISO13485

Peace of mind

To prevent unauthorised access line ball valve assemblies and NIST tee connections have the facility to lock by means of a padlock

1/4 Turn Lockable Valves

Our 90° in line ball valve assemblies are designed for installation within the medical gas pipeline system (MGPS). Valve locations are determined by HTM2022, HTM02-01, ISO7396-1 or NFPA99 but are generally positioned wherever a pipeline branch leaves the main pipeline, at riser points, at any entrance or exit from a building. Valves are provided in order to facilitate safe maintenance of the MGPS, as well as emergency shut down of areas in the event of emergency.


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