SOT Equipment

Our SOT devices are lightweight, highly precise and accurate equipment that allows clinical and nursing staff to focus on the patient

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Durable design

Durable high and low vacuum suction controllers, universal vacuum connector for quick and easy attachment of bacterial filter or water trap

Easy installation

Our SOT equipment is supplied with a stainless steel probe for simple and quick installation into medical gas terminal units

Pure aesthetics

Superior aesthetics to enhance the patient environment in your facility

SOT equipment for complete patient care

Our flow meters and vacuum suction devices are robust and tactile, providing the user with a quality assurance further backed by our extended two year warranty. Our aesthetically pleasing equipment can be supplied with our range of headwalls or medical terminal units thus eliminating any concern over equipment compatibility. Our range of downstream equipment can be supplied to BS, DIN , AFNOR and NFPA norms as well as others, which are available upon request.

Precision Flow Meter

Available as single or double arrangement, for both medical air and oxygen gas application. Flow meters are constructed from a chrome plated, brass body with polycarbonate tube and stainless steel float with a 0-15 lpm scale.

Alternatively our highly precise durable aluminium bodied, 14 stage dial style flow meters can be supplied in 0-1, 0-5, 0-15 or 0-50 lpm scale offering great visibility and ease of use for the operator.

Durable Suction Controller

Our high and low vacuum suction devices are provided with a highly durable ON/OFF switch for quick operation and a highly precise control mechanism for high stability and accuracy.

We also provide an aluminium bodied maximum precision vacuum regulator with 3 possible operating modes:

  • Continuous - continuous and regulated suction according to scale.
  • Intermittent - regulated intermittent suction. The ratio between pause and suction time is approx 2:3.
  • Line - through a by-pass, the suction that is generated is maximum pressure allowed by the pipeline.


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