Our Bedhead Trunking Systems provide integrated medical gas and electrical services required for patient care

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We can tailor our headwalls completely to your needs with UK, Euro, USA and other electrical socket and gas terminal unit norms

Superior aesthetics

Easy to clean powder coated panels and no panel gaps reduce dust traps significantly

Easy to install

All trunking is manufactured using high quality components and comes pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested

Headwalls for complete bed space management

Our headwalls include critical medical gas services such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, oxygen/nitrous oxide 50/50, medical air, surgical air, vacuum, AGSS, carbon dioxide and nitrogen as well as electrical services such as electrical power sockets, equipotential earth connectors, data services, nurse call, lighting, etc.

Secondary accessories including baskets, infusion holders, shelves, as well as Suction and Oxygen Therapy (SOT) equipment such as flow meters, vacuum suction controllers and collection jars can be installed onto the optional equipment rail mounted directly to the trunking unit, or directly to the wall for heavy duty load capacity.


We offer various styles like Horizontal General Care, High Dependency and Vertical Headwall Units.

Zeus General Care

Specifically designed for environments requiring fewer gas and electrical services, such as hospital ward areas. Here the emphasis is on style and functionality. The integrated lighting offers both general room lighting and patient down lighting, providing a practical and cost effective solution.

Zeus High Dependency

A solution for the more demanding environments like ITU/ICU/CCU, high dependency, resuscitation and recovery. These areas require a high level of services including 3 - 6 medical gas types, extensive amounts of electrical sockets and all services needed for the connection of highly critical and sensitive equipment.

Zeus Vertical

Suitable for applications where high service capacity is required. Up to 12 medical gas outlets can be accommodated. Electrical sockets are installed on either side of the headwall, meaning a single unit can provide services for patient beds positioned on either side of the unit.

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