PureGAS Medical Manifold – your total costs of ownership under control

Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions (PMGS), launches its new Automatic Changeover Medical Manifold with outstanding performance, superior quality and lower total costs ownership.

PMGS is pleased to introduce the PureGAS medical manifold to the market. With a state of the art control system, the PureGAS manifold provides reduced installation and ownership costs.

Our customers have been looking for a more balanced and valued manifold solution, where additional precision is taken to minimise patient risks. Utilising latest technology we developed reliable, safe manifold with flow up to 1,750 l/min that at the same reduces installation and total ownership costs

Alexander Losev , Product Manager

Risk management

Patient safety cannot be compromised. This premise was the base for development of the new PureGAS manifold. Incorporating two separate stage pressure regulators gives you stable gas pressure over the entire flow range.

By using halogen free polymers in the regulators we can ensure that zero toxic gases are supplied to the patient in case of overheating. Adiabatic and self-ignition tests certify the safety of this new manifold.

The LED service indication serves a reminder when service is due and reduced the risk of failure due to a possible lack of routine preventative maintenance.

PMGS is an ISO 13485 certified company and we supply our products CE certified as a Medical Device. The new PureGAS manifold is compliant with the latest revisions of medical standards such as EN ISO 7396-1, HTM02-01, HTM2022, and HTM06-01.

Controlled costs

Nowadays, cost savings is a priority for many managers and healthcare funds. The new PureGAS medical manifold acknowledges this by ensuring your ownership costs are under control starting from installation time to its long reliable lifetime use.


For easy use, we embedded most of components that were commonly supplied as loose, such as a test point and gas vent. Additionally we provided a wall mounting bracket which means the installation can be performed by a single person. This will minimise installation time and reduce installation costs.

Ownership costs

A new microcontroller based on the control panel provides you control over the medical gas consumption. On a colour graphic display you will be able to observe the average gas flow in a hospital, to help locate possible misuse.

Visualisation of the remaining gas volume in cylinders can help with your cylinder replacement planning, maintain reduced stock volume and saves space. With usage of the two stage pressure regulator, product longevity can be extended, increasing overall serviceability.

Moreover, thanks to advanced control system and digital pressure sensors we can reduce changeover pressure significantly. This can help save you up to 270,000 litres of gas annually.

Outstanding Performance

Using all our knowledge and expertise in developing superior medical gas products, our PureGAS manifold delivers outstanding performance. The manifold can supply up to 1,750 l/minute at pressure 4 bar. In order to pick up flow, our pressure drop remains within the limits of EN ISO 10524-1 and does not exceed 10%.

In line with our ability to stay in the forefront of medical gas technology, Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions keeps on striving to meet the needs of our customers even better.