GA VSD+ MED Medical Compressor – The solution for your HTM Medical Air Plant

Together with Atlas Copco, Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions (PMGS) releases its new range of GA VSD+ MED oil-injected rotary screw compressors with exceptional energy savings, a reduced footprint and low noise levels.

When Atlas Copco first launched their GA VSD+ in 2013, it was a true revolution in the compressor industry due its ground breaking combination of extremely high efficiency and innovative vertical design. Now this technology is also available as a medical variant in our PMGS’ medical air plants.

Medical air plant with GA VSD+ MED compressors

Medical air plant with GA VSD+ MED compressors

Safe and trouble-free operation

The GA VSD+ MED covers a wide flow range from 1300 till 6900 l/min, which ensures you will find a solution that most closely matches your specific needs. The design and manufacturing is in accordance with the latest medical standards such as ISO 7396-1 and HTM02-01, assuring you a safe and trouble-free operation in combination with our central control system.

A reliable, energy efficient solution

By combining the GA VSD+ MED’s highly efficient in-house developed motor with the variable speed concept, you will gain exceptional energy savings even up to 50% in comparison with a traditional fix speed compressor.

Reduced footprint

By vertically aligning the drive train assembly, we can offer you a floor space reduction of up to 60%. In hospitals, floor space is often limited which makes a smaller footprint a favoured feature.

Lower noise levels

A very silent air compressor is desired by everyone, especially in hospitals. With the GA VSD+ MED’s oil cooled permanent magnet motor, all noise producing components can be fitted into one enclosure. Hence a significant reduction in noise during operation in your plant room.

In line with our vision to stay in the forefront of medical gas technology, Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions keeps on striving to meet the needs of our customers even better.