Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions to become one with BeaconMedaes

October 4, 2021

Today we announce the merger of the Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions brand with BeaconMedaes. As a final step in Atlas Copco’s acquisition of Penlon Medical Gas Solutions back in 2012, it is a positive and essential move that will benefit our people, customers and partners. 


Integrating Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions into BeaconMedaes will help us deliver against several key business objectives. It will eliminate confusion in the market about how the two brands relate to each other and enable us to present a strong, single-minded value proposition. By removing duplication across product development, processes and systems, this move will help accelerate production and enable us to respond more quickly to customer needs. And by delivering cost-efficiencies it will support increased investment in our people and product innovation.

Bringing the two teams together produces a combined total of over 120 years’ experience in the medical sector, a figure unmatched by any of our competitors. This merger presents an opportunity to make BeaconMedaes the foremost brand in the industry and we are looking forward to working as one to make this happen.

This change does not affect the Pneumatech brand which distributes air and gas treatment solutions for industrial applications. Visit the Pneumatech website for more information on these products.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with your local sales or supplier contact or with us via

The FAQs below provide more information:

Q: What will happen to Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions?

A: From 2022, the Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions brand will cease to exist, and all Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions products, people and channels will be part of the BeaconMedaes global team. The legal entity in the UK will change from Atlas Copco Medical Ltd to BeaconMedaes Ltd.

Q: What will happen to Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions employees?

A: All Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions employees will remain employed and become part of the BeaconMedaes global team. 

Q: What will happen to the existing Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions product range?

A: The brand will be phased-out by re-branding products as BeaconMedaes or, in some instances, replacing them with alternatives from the BeaconMedaes portfolio.