Our heritage is our future

Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions (PMGS), known as the former Penlon Medical Gas Solutions is the result of a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions within the UK medical gas industry.

PMGS is a global leader in the manufacturing of medical gas production, delivery and control equipment. Our comprehensive product portfolio comprises everything a hospital needs for safe, reliable and efficient medical gas provision. From onsite generation of European Pharmacopoeia quality medicinal air and oxygen to medical vacuum and anaesthetic gas scavenging systems, we provide you with a complete solution from source of supply to the point of patient care.

Pure protection

Your patients are your life blood. They need to be protected at all costs.

That is why you need an exceptionally reliable source of clean, dry medical air or gas and that’s what Pneumatech MGS delivers. All our products undergo a rigorous and well controlled inspection program and testing to assure conformance to standards and regulations before being released for delivery. You can trust us to meet your specific demands in various medical applications.


Pure partnership

Clear communication is key, this means working together and exchanging thoughts. 

We aim to listen to and understand your specific needs. We analyse your individual requirements to find the right solution that protects your patients and equipment. We offer you a choice of state-of-the-art technologies, including oil-free and oil-lubricated solutions.


Pure reliability

We aim to deliver consistently high quality products and services that contribute to your reliability.

Our medical gas systems are designed to keep you up and running at all times. Over the years we have invested in exceptional manufacturing, quality, and innovation to help you save money, year after year.