Medical Gas Alarm - Zeus

Our medical gas alarm panels provide safe and reliable monitoring of your medical gas pipeline systems

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Antimicrobial additive

User accessible parts of the alarm are protected by a long-standing and trusted antimicrobial additive that helps prevent cross contamination

Safe and secure

Dual pressure switches include line monitoring feature that ensures integrity of the system

Easy to install

Universal boards give freedom in installation and upgrading. To activate a gas column simply select a dip switch or rotary switch on the power or light board

Protect your medical staff and patients

Our medical gas alarms provide safe and reliable monitoring of your medical gas pipeline systems. Whether you require a Local or Central Alarm System, you can easily accommodate the needs of your facility - now and in the future.


Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Zeus 15 Central Alarm 3.6 MB, PDF
  • Zeus 6 Local Alarm 3.2 MB, PDF
  • Zeus Alarm BMS interface 520 kB, PDF
  • Signal Amplifier 356.5 kB, PDF
  • Pressure Switch 485.6 kB, PDF
  • Zeus Medical Gas Alarm Panels 1,011.5 kB, PDF
Technical Datasheet
  • Zeus 15 Central Alarm 580.8 kB, PDF
  • Zeus 6 Local Alarm 393.7 kB, PDF

Local Alarm - Zeus 6

Designed to monitor the high and low pressure downstream of any Area Valve Service within a facility. The local alarm can monitor up to six medical gas services.

Central Alarm - Zeus 15

Designed to monitor the status of medical gas source equipment. The central alarm can monitor and display up to five gas sources.